Thursday, February 4, 2010

Quem sou eu - A credo

Welcome to my blog! Bem vindos ao meu blog! I strive to bring you a fresh point of view on events and issues concerning the arts, with an eye towards visual arts and nonprofit organizations, especially those in the Greater Philadelphia region. I will also devote considerable attention to the visual arts and culture from Brasil, a particular passion of mine. The content of my posts will incorporate multitudinous topics, be they commentary on art exhibitions, rants or raves about artists and their work, ruminations on events in the art world, or general observations on culture. I do not intend to impersonate a curator, critic, or scholar of the arts in any way; my opinions are informed by a combination of my formal education, professional experience, personal taste, and gut reaction.

To tell you a bit about myself, I live in the Delaware Valley area and I work for a nonprofit visual arts organization in Philadelphia. I am currently a graduate student of Arts Administration. My educational background is in Art History and Classics (i.e. Ancient Latin/Greek/Classical History and Culture). Classical training notwithstanding, I follow contemporary art most closely. In addition to my current administrative position in the arts, I also have professional experience as an educator.

And what of this blog’s title, Post-Nonprofalyptic? The name is especially timely. It is a pivotal and galvanizing moment to be an individual both working in and studying the nonprofit arts sector. Moreover, it is an all around critical moment in the way that the arts and nonprofit organizations are perceived by the average person, the public whose interest these institutions are (or ought to be) serving. I see the “Great Recession” as a D-Day of sorts, a momentous reference point from which everything, including in the arts, will be evaluated as to whether it falls before or after. Most of my firsthand perspective comes from the “after” and whatever transpires in this post-nonprofalyptic era, as I forge my way ahead not only as a professional in the field, but also an enthusiastic consumer of its product. As professionals in the arts, we must become post-nonprofalyptic in our thinking and in our actions. Rather than being a rule which dictates the form and content of my posts, the post-nonprofalyptic mindset is a modality, a way of being that I will apply to my observations and criticisms of the arts.

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