Thursday, March 25, 2010

Drive By Press at The Print Center

Last night I attended the wonderful Drive By Press event at The Print Center. The 1600 block of Latimer Street was closed to traffic, making way for their mobile printing stations. When I arrived, the Tower of Babel sculpture was well underway, pieced together from donated prints by local artists. Aficionados of the medium were lining up to get t-shirts, other garments, and bags printed at either the woodblock or the silk screen printing station.

There was also the innovative “Dumbo” press, built from a repurposed playground rocking horse, which was given its maiden voyage by Joseph Velasquez of Drive By Press. As the evening wore on, the crowd—a healthy mix of locals and visitors attending the Southern Graphics Council convention—swelled in size, filling the street, until the finished Tower was ceremoniously hoisted to cheers and applause. A selection of photos and video are posted below, with more available on my Flickr and Vimeo pages!


  1. The Dumbo Press ROCKS! (so to speak). I love it!

  2. Thank you, Marc! Above all, this event was about bringing art into people's lives and having fun with it. Even in the internet age, print is still the most democratic medium.