Thursday, April 15, 2010

Jeff Koons wants to mace you in the face

Jeff Koons advert for Kiehl's

Just kitty-corner off of Rittenhouse Square I was stopped dead in my tracks by this poster of Jeff Koons devilishly spraying some cosmetic a├žai concoction. He, along with three other celebrities, has designed “limited edition” packaging for toning mists by Kiehl’s. Question: is Koons some sort of Dorian Gray? His hairline might be a bit higher, but otherwise he still sports that cherub-fresh visage which hints at an underlying playful wickedness. Here, he comes off like a present day version of Shakespeare’s great trickster Puck, gallivanting through the forest on faun hooves and indiscriminately squirting a magical formula that will cause romantic havoc.

Jeff Koons advert for Kiehl's
Koons and his homeboy Pharrell shilling for Kiehl's

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